Star Ciders

Five Point: A blend of 5 varieties: McIntosh, Empire, Crispin, Northern Spy, and Jonagold. This cider has perfect balance of acidity and sweetness. Perfect for sunshine sipping. Pairs well with good food, great times, and stellar people!

Frisky Whisky: This cider is blissfully delicious with a perfect balance of acidity and tannin. Made from a blend of wild apples then aged in whisky barrels for 1 year. The body of this cider is smooth with hints of oak, vanilla and whisky.  

Forever Wild: This cider was created from wild apples forged in the Finger Lakes. It is one-of-a-kind and impossible to replicate. Bubbly, tart, layered with complexity, and filled with endless enchantment. Seek adventure and stay forever wild!

Cranberry: Spigold and Northern Spy apples make up the base of this cider which is then blended with fresh cranberries. This cider is tart, fruity, and refreshing with a lovely crimson color. 

Foraged: Local tulsi, sumac and quince were foraged and blended in this cider for a truly unique, delicious experience right from nature. Lightly carbonated.

La Vie En Rosé: A pink cider that is a light, refreshing, and made with red-fleshed apples (apples with red insides!) and hibiscus flowers that gives the cider bright fruity flavors and its brilliant color.

Seasonal Releases

Cinnamon Raisin: This cider has a hint of cinnamon and finishes with a distinct and delicious raisin flavor. We ventured into uncharted territory with this cider by infusing it with Nitro to create a smooth and creamy mouth feel.  One of NY’s first Nitro ciders and we #NAILDIT !

Apple Crisp: This cider smells and tastes just like apple crisp! Created by using a blend of  NY dessert apples mixed with a special blend of spices borrowed from our Grandmother’s apple crisp recipe, because we all know Grandma’s recipes are the best! 

Appley Ever After: Wild apples were scavenged and blended with golden russet apples, they were pressed, and fermented dry. This cider was then put through a secondary fermentation in the bottle producing a tart, light, bubbly champagne style cider. Pairs well with weddings, anniversaries, and any occasion that is overflowing with love.

Ginger: Bright and bubbly, this cider is blended with fresh ginger root. Ginger aroma and flavor is balanced nicely with light acidity and sweetness. Pairs well with thai, spicy food, or sushi!

Lemon Shandy: This cider is blended with a mixture of locally grown hops and fresh lemon zest. This cider is incredibly smooth and refreshing, especially on hot summer days!

Lone Star – Limited Batches

Snickerdoodle: Fresh ginger root is blended with cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg and clove to create this flavorful cider. Brilliant gold and slightly spicy, perfect for a warm up from the crisp air.

Strawberry: Crisp apple cider is blended with fresh-picked strawberries. Light pink and bubbly with aromas of red ripe strawberries. Fruit-forward and thirst quenching.

Rhubarb: Fresh heirloom rhubarb is hand-picked at its peak ripeness and blended with cider made from a mix of dessert apples. This cider is crisp, tart, and tastes like biting into fresh rhubarb.

Sour Cherry:  Locally sourced Sour Cherries are hand picked at their peek ripeness and added to our 5 Point cider. By leaving the skins on the Cherries we are able to extract all of the cherry goodness into our cider. This cider carries bold tart cherry flavor in every sip with a smooth crisp finish. 

Citrus: Made with fresh citrus fruit peels and zest. This cider has wonderful citrus flavor and aroma that compliment the apples used to make the cider.  This cider is smooth and refreshing and makes a wonderful mixer for cider mimosas! 

Crimson Frost: An iced-cider made by freezing small batches of fresh cider in snow banks. The acidity is balanced with a touch of brown sugar. Perfect with rich cheeses, desserts, or all on it’s own! Star Cider’s first bottled cider.  

*Available in the Tasting Room!

How to get Star Cider on Tap

If you are interested in carrying Star Cider at your bar or restaurant in New York please send an email to and let us know what cider you are interested in and when you would like to have it delivered.