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Cidery – Fall

Humble Roots

Founded in 2014, Star Cider sprouted from a love of making hard cider with family and friends and a legacy of cider-making that dates back over three generations. Cider-making is a labor of love that we cultivate by immersing ourselves in every aspect of the process. From growing trees, to picking, pressing, blending, and fermenting fresh juice into hard cider. We have learned from experience that being involved in every stage of the cider making process allows us to maintain the highest level of quality and consistency.

Branching Out:

We are very excited to announce that we are officially expanding our small, family run hard cider business into a new production facility, tasting room and, learning center in Canandaigua, New York. We’ve been working tirelessly for the past 5 years on perfecting our cider blends and finding a perfect location to share with the community and visitors to the Finger Lakes. This area has an extensive history in apple production and cider making; it’s also where we grew up and have developed deep roots and appreciation for the land and community that supports this industry.  We can’t wait to share a pint with you in our tasting room. Cheers to the next chapter of the Star Cider journey!

Cheers to Stellar Cider!


Tasting Room Address:
3365 East Lake Road
Canandaigua, New York 14424


Monday               2-7pm

Tuesday               2-7pm

Wednesday        2-7pm

Thursday             2-7pm

Friday                   12-8pm

Saturday              12-8pm

Sunday                 12-7pm